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It has been said – People do not care how much you know until they know how much CARE pictureyou care. Do your customers know how much you CARE?

How do you show your customers that you CARE?

  1. You get mushy with them
  2. You hold their hand through each transaction or purchase
  3. You Create A Relationship Environment for them

If number 3 is your answer, you are definitely on to something. From the moment you answer the telephone or a customer walks into your place of business, be it your office or your cubicle, the customer has entered your environment. What kind of environment are they walking into? Does it speak to your needs, or does it speak to the needs of your customer? If it is an environment that shouts Buy, Buy, Buy, it is about your needs. On the other hand, if it is an environment that makes your customer feel welcomed, feel comfortable, feel appreciated, feel listened to, feel special…., uh, you get the picture, then it is about your customer’s needs. Then your customer will know you care.

A relationship environment will always speak to the customer’s personal needs first and then move to the business needs.

After attending a sales presentation, my husband and I learned firsthand how important it is to the customer to sense they are in a relationship environment. First, I cannot tell you how many of these long drawn out presentations we attended over several years, just to get the freebies. We would agree before going in to the presentations that we were not going to make any purchases. After all, they told us there was no obligation. They just wanted us to come in, listen, and receive a gift. (Yeah, right) Therefore, we would go in, listen, receive our gift, and leave.  However, after several years of holding to our resolve, during one particular presentation, something strange happened. The sales representative listened to us and showed she cared about us and about our needs, not her sale. She talked to us about us for over an hour. I must say it was customer service at its best. She was doing her job. At the end of her presentation, what did we do? We did exactly what we had vowed not to do. We signed the bottom line. Why did we sign the bottom line? Because she had created a relationship environment that just drew us in. (Yeah, I am a pushover when it comes to excellent customer service)

When I’m working with my customers, I constantly remind myself of how my husband and I were treated by this sales representative so that I can make sure my customers know I CARE.