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How much business have you generated through seminars, workshops, networking, social media, cold calling, trade shows, your website, and or referrals? While these old, tried and tested means of getting business are mainstays, there is another less traveled avenue of getting business to come your way. Purge and create space for it. Yes, purge your way to success. Personal coaches teach andsuccess picture truly believe the more physical, emotional, and mental space one creates the more business one can attract. I must say, I’m a believer. I had a client who lamented over the fact that for the length of time he had been in business, he should have been a lot further than where he was. I agreed. However, he had so much paper clutter (and dust, I might add) in, on, and around his desk. He had four–four drawer filing cabinets overstuffed with a lot of ‘dead files’ dating back to the 1980’s. And, he did not have any effective systems in place for getting things done. All of this affected him physically, mentally, and emotionally. Needless to say, business was not coming in because he had nowhere to put it. He needed to create space to attract business. So, we got a little elbow grease, rolled up our sleeves, and went to work. Below are some of the steps we took to create space for more business.

  1. Reduced and organized the paper clutter in, on, and around his desk
  2. Organized, downsized, archived, and purged his files
  3. Setup his computer files to match his paper file system. (Yes, some people still love the feel of paper)
  4. Color coded his work folders after organizing his desk and removing all unnecessary items
  5. Re-organized his space so that he could spend less time getting to things he needed
  6. Combined all his to do lists, professional and personal, into one master to do list to avoid overlapping appointments.
  7. Tweaked procedures that had too many steps

Sometime after I had finished working with this client, I was not surprised when I received a telephone call from him letting me know about a program he was adding to his business. In addition, he started another business, which was quite different from his current one.  Need I say more?