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Cluttered Desk

It has been said, the only thing constant is change. Nowhere is that more true than in the workplace. The workplace has changed and continues to change. Adjusting to this change reminds me of a cartoon I read years ago about Charlie Brown when he was learning to tell time. In such dismay, he said, “Just when I learn where the little hand and the big hand go, they come out with digital!” Yes, change. And, if you were around in the year 2007 BCE, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Oh, BCE stands for – Before the Crash of the Economy. As with each change in the workplace, we are expected to work with fewer employees, receive fewer raises while working with fewer employees, work under extreme pressure to get it done now, and yes, deliver service with a smile. Where is Calgon when you need it?

Recently, I spoke with a Human Resource Manager, Receptionist, Freedom of Information Law Coordinator, and a group of women at a workshop I conducted and asked them, “How do you manage change in the workplace?” The following was their response to my question:

1. Keep line of communication open with employees

2. Sharpen your listening skills

3. Align your priorities with your boss’ priorities

  1. Anticipate your boss’ needs

5. Get organized

6. Understand the office politics

7. Have an outlet

8. Do something spiritual

9. Talk to others

10. Bring solutions to the table not problems

11. Learn and rely more on technology

12. Keep learning


I would like to hear from you. How do you manage change in the workplace?