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Moms Time ManagementLet’s go back. Let’s go way back – back to those days when we would wake up on a cold wintery morning and a fire was already burning in the potbelly stove or in the fireplace. Breakfast was on the table and our clothes were pressed for school. As we entered the kitchen to take our places at the table, our mothers were already dressed, preparing our lunch for school, and singing taboot. 

Did we ever wonder how she did it all? No, we did not. She was Momma. She was supposed to do it all.  

Now as adults, either single or married, with children or without children, we too are expected to do it all. Now, is when we wonder how our mothers did it all and we cannot seem to do half of what they used to do. At least we feel we cannot do it. To avoid feeling that we have failed our families or failed ourselves, we like to say things were different then. The pace was slower and there were fewer distractions. Aahh, now I feel better. But, if truth be told – Momma knew how to manage her time. I have identified six time management principles that she applied which contributed to her getting things done. 

She planned her day 

When you awakened early in the morning and found breakfast on the table and your clothes already pressed, your mother knew she had to get up an hour or two before the rest of the family in order to make that happen.  

She knew how to delegate responsibilities 

Do you recall as she was leaving for work, she would tell the oldest child not to forget to pick up the youngest child from school? Or, recall the days she would come home with groceries in her arms and she would say, “Here baby, take this and put it away.” Yes, she knew how to delegate.  

She knew how to take time to de-stress 

Recollect the days when she would come home after a hard day at work and before she could sit down, you and your brothers and sisters would all talk at the same time, and she would say, “Baby, just let me have a few minutes to catch my breath.” And, before you knew it, she was fast asleep in the rocking chair. Yeah, momma knew how to take time to regroup. 

She knew how to take time for personal pleasures 

Recall the times when the neighbors would drop in and you could hear her evoke a laughter that would always put a smile on your face. She took time for moments of pleasure.  

She had her support systems in place 

Think about those times when she was so sick, she could barely lift her head off the pillow. Yet, you and your brothers and sisters lacked nothing, because your dad, the neighbors, relatives, and her congregation members, all pitched in to help. She had her support systems in place. 

She was a great communicator and knew how to teach and guide her family in order to achieve the best possible results 

Can you remember those precious moments when you and the other children would take long walks with her or work with her in the garden and listen to her tell stories that have now become your pearls of wisdom? She made time to teach and guide her family. 

If another truth be told – Momma didn’t do it all. She just knew how to control it all – with time management.