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STOP Sign for Article

Are you dealing with too many (unnecessary) interruptions? Then STOP it! Just how many ways can you say stop it to interruptions? No. – No can do. – Um, that won’t be possible. – I don’t think so. – Talk to the hand! Now that is just plain rude.

Seriously, how many times have you kicked yourself for not standing up for yourself when someone infringes on your time? Granted, we have to expect interruptions. We even have to plan for interruptions if we want to have a productive day. I always tell my clients – Pad your day. Do not pack your day.-  If we know something is going to take 15 minutes to complete, we should schedule a half hour for it to be completed. That way, when we are interrupted, we are still within our scheduled time. However, when we are interrupted unnecessarily, for frivolous matters, for something that can wait, or for something the individuals can do for themselves, then something needs to STOP. (Are you with me people?)

We need to stop others from interrupting our day. In any language, stop means stop. So, the next time someone asks you – Do you have a minute? Can you do me a favor? Can you…? Can you…? Try this.

Step away from the situation. (Try saying, Can I get back to you on that?)

Think about what is being asked of you and why. Then consider the….

Outcome – Determine what the outcome could or would mean if you do it or if you do not do it. Is it a good thing? Or is it, a bad thing? Then either….

Proceed with the request. Put it off until another time. Purge the thought. Do one of the three and move on.