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Get Organize Article Respect 2

In part one of Master the 3C’s of Getting Organized, I talked about the need to make the connection with the clutter in our lives; the need to answer why. In part two we will use a little RESPECT to help us create order in our lives.

Do you find you are always excusing the clutter when company comes, or perhaps pushing the clutter into closets, drawers, and under the bed just before they arrive? Are you always looking for items at home or at work because you forgot where you put them? Have you cost your company time and money because of misplaced files/documents? Have you been overlooked for a promotion or major project when you knew you could do the job? Do you sometimes find that you are having more misunderstandings and altercations with co-workers and family members than usual? If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, then the missing piece of the puzzle could be that you need a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T. to help you create order in your life.

Recognize the need to get organized

The first step toward organizing anything is to recognize there is a need. There are so many of us with clutter up to our ears. However, we’re saying, “I’m okay, I’ve got it under control. Now where did I put that thing?” If there is a lot of stress in your life, loss of time, money, and productivity, then perhaps disorganization may be the culprit.

Empty the area of its clutter

Now that we have recognized the need to get organized, let’s begin the process. Choose an area of your home or office and empty the area of its clutter, be it your desk, closet, drawer or kitchen pantry. This step is sort of like clearing the land of its debris before we begin rebuilding.

 Sort items

Once you have emptied the area of its clutter start sorting by placing similar items together. Items that belong on your desk- together. Items that belong in your desk drawer – together. Items that belong in your bathroom – together. Items that belong in your bedroom – together. I think you get the idea. Also, make sure donate and throw away is a part of the sorting process.

Put items away

Now that you have your items sorted, you can put them in their proper location. A word of caution- If the location you are placing these items in need to be organized too, do not worry about it right now. Put the items in their proper location and return to the area you are presently organizing and finish it before moving to the next area.

Enjoy mini breaks

One of the major reasons we may fail to get organized is because the job seems too overwhelming, too daunting. Divide your organizing experience into little parts. Decide how long you will work on each part, and work only the amount of time you’ve allotted. Then relax, take a break. Take a few breaks to break up the monotony.

Congratulate yourself on minor accomplishments

Tell yourself after each small task how well you did. Give yourself a pat on the back, be it literal or the proverbial pat on the back. It is the incentive we humans need to keep going. You can even treat yourself to a chocolate bar or some herbal tea.

Take time to write a to do list

When you add a little respect to your organizing experience, imagine the affect and effect it will have on your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

In my third article I will talk about how to keep it all under control.


January is National Get Organized Month