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Meet Yvonne Surrey

It all started in the fifth grade. Kids bullied me. So, what was a little 10-year-old girl to do who had no idea what the word bully really meant; and for that matter did not understand why she was bullied? You see, I was raised in the south – Spartanburg, SC. Kids were not doing that where I came from. Oh, they would pick on you. (By today’s definition, I guess some would call that bullying) But, would they just outright beat up another classmate? I never experienced that. Why, I can remember while in the third grade, one of my classmates called the teacher a liar. I cannot tell you how many oohs went around that classroom. It was the talk of the school. So I ask you again, what was a little girl to do who was now living in this big wide city called New York City, and was bullied? She would write about it. Yes, I wrote a little story on bullying. My principal was so impressed with it, he read my story to the entire assembly. He then had it turned into a book form and published by my elementary school (Public School 307 – Brooklyn, NY). One of my classmates illustrated it. And, the cover was made by the workshop class (How many of you remember workshop?). When finished, the principal had several copies made and sent out to neighboring schools.  The writing bug had bitten me.

The cover of my book created by my workshop class.

The cover of my book created by my workshop class.

I love to write. I have written quite a few short stories and poems. I was awarded Honorable Mention for a story I submitted to the Writer’s Digest 2001 Writing Competition in the genre short story category.( I ranked 20 out of 100 entries in that category) I received a Diploma from Long Ridge Writers Group for completing a course of study – Breaking Into Print. I also wrote a column on time management and organization for a local newspaper for a year. Therefore, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would start blogging. It was just finding – er– making the time to do it.

Since 1996, I have had my own home-based business (www.yvonnesurrey.com). It is a training and development business with a focus on helping businesses and individuals increase productivity in the workplace. I design, develop, and present programs in customer service, conflict management, time management, and other topics affecting the workplace. So look for some of my thoughts and ideas to spill out on the pages of my blog. And, don’t be surprised if I throw a little bit in now and again about bullying. Because what does little bullies grow up to be? Workplace bullies. Hmmm, now, there’s a good topic.

One final note:

I love to travel (Africa is still calling my name)

I love to try different foods (as long as I can identify its parts)

And, I love spending time with my husband, who champions my endeavors, challenges my thinking, and calms my fears.


3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Pleased to meet you Yvonne. You are welcome to visit my blog when you have a moment or two to spare. 🙂

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